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 Secret Santa for Single Moms

Welcome to Secret Santa for Single Moms *

Secret Santa for Single Moms helps to provide gifts for children to give to their parents.

These are the children that are from single parent families without a support system. These kids have no money to purchase a gift, and nobody to ask for help. These are children that want to give their Mom or Dad a gift, but have no means to do so. There is nothing for them to wrap and write "To: Mom Merry X-Mas  From: your son" 
Asking for this sort of help when your a young kid is usually avoided. 

If you are a single parent you know the challenges faced throughout the year, especially during the gift giving seasons. Those challenges go beyond what parents face and reach their children. Older children also struggle and face disappointments during gift giving times. Birthdays, Christmas and Mother's Day can really play with people's emotions. 

Imagine how it would feel when you know you have nothing to give mom or dad, nobody is going to take you to the mall to shop and pay for that great gift you would like to buy. That blender that you know your mom would love, will stay on the shelf.

Looks like another art project for mom! We know hat every parent loves these art projects that their children make. But let's face it, we live in a world that is promoting and selling Xmas right beside school supplies, as early as mid August. There is no getting away from the retail world. There is no escaping gift giving any time of year.

Being a single parent is hard, being a child from a single parent family is sometimes harder.

Your support can make a difference. Help put a smile on a kid, boost their self esteem and surprise a single parent this year.

(*Dad's are included)

Our givers from previous years. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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